Posted by: seanoldblog | 2011/09/03

This BLOG is MOVING to

This WordPress blog idea makes so much sense to me that I have officially moved all of the content found here, plus new posts already, over to

[Subscribers, please update your info]

Improvements over BOTH this old blog and the old include:

  • A music player on the front page  [Click ~ OPEN BREAKAWAY PLAYER ~ and it will continue uninterrupted while you surf articles on different pages]
  • the ability for me to post MP3s to the site.  I’ll be posting new songs, music of the various projects and pursuits [see: Allen Gary Palmer‘s new poetry with live guitar accompaniment]
  • Smoother layout theme with thumb-nailed listings for ease of use
  • Links at the bottom to product endorsements and affiliations

And of course, the usual ability to leave comments, interact, share, etc.

SHOWS – the first button next to HOME embeds a constantly updated calendar

PRODUCTS – all my Artist CDs, and soon to come: guitar related products & materials

ABOUT – the latest bio information, to be updated regularly

PHOTOS – fully downloadable images for press releases of all kinds

GUITARS – Click on an image of all my working instruments to hear them.  Great for producers and music directors

WORKING LIFE – Stories and articles I write about my experiences in this wacky business

REVIEWS – Things other people have to say about what they hear and see

Please visit, leave comments, and let me know what you think about the all new interactive  Or anything, for that matter.



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