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Trio Of One – Independent

Trio Of One was Harkness’s first completely independent solo venture.  Still composing at that time for the trio format – two acoustic guitars and bass – these songs are a very honest glimpse into Sean’s world at that time.  Recorded in 2000 in Los Angeles, Harkness multi-tracked all of the guitars and bass.  Brian Camelio plays one of the guitars on his own composition “Reunion”, and Sean is joined by L.A. bassist Chad Watson on the Brasilian flavored “Convidado”. Sean Harkness - Trio of Onerhapsody_bttnNapster_bttneMusic_bttnAmazon_bttnLicensing

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Produced by Sean Harkness
Co-produced and engineered by Gilberto ‘Gil’ Morales
Recorded at Love Tribe Studio, Los Angeles, CA
“Reunion” recorded live at Skyline Studios, NYC by Bo Boddie
Mastered by John Matousek @ Masterworks, L.A., CA
Design: J Sylvester Design, NYC
Illustrations: William Pond
Photography: Andrew Vaughan

Sean Harkness played:

  • Alvarez-Yairi CY-118 classical guitar
  • Custom Taylor 514-C acoustic guitar
  • Ibanez Musician fretless bass modified by Chip Wilson, New Orleans, LA
  • Pyramid, Thomastik-Infeld, and D’Addarrio strings
  • B-Band transducers for live performances

Brian Camelio plays a Yamaha acoustic guitar on “Reunion”

Chad “Mercury” Watson plays upright bass on Convidado

All of my family, friends, and anyone I’ve met contributed to the life experiences that serve as the inspiration for this music.  My eternal thanks to you all.

Special thanks for support with this project:

Rich Acocella; Brian Camelio; Jim Coleman; ”Professor” Pete Desrosiers; Steve Gentile; John Harkness; Fred Kewley; Lisa Lynne Franco; Gil Morales; Jonathan Mover; Panasonic Pro Audio; Randall B. Plourde; Bill Pond; Steve Remote; Jay Sylvester; Taylor Guitars; Tuck & Patti; Andy Vaughan; Vintage Studio Rentals [LA]; Chad Watson; Chip Wilson; Brian, Jeff, and Keith @ Little Big Feet Studio; Coco, Dawn, Marty, Jan/Lois, Bob, Marie, and all the people of my favorite Caribbean island.

All mixes tested and approved on Rollerblades™ and a Sony Walkman™.  No animals were harmed in the making of this recording [except for a few crickets].

Music and Art Careers Mentored by Randall B. PLourde at Evergreen of Vermont (802) 862-6674

All compositions © 2001 Sean Harkness Music BMI

“Reunion” © (p) 1997 WTM Series ASCAP


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