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Harkness Knight – Independent

This collection of songs unites Eric Knights’ impassioned saxophone with the organic sophistication of Sean Harkness’ guitars.  Drawing on influences as diverse as James Taylor, Steely Dan, Marvin Gaye, Jeff Beck, and Kirk Whalum, acoustic guitars and unprocessed saxophone define an exciting and infectious sound.  In each song there is a story told; only it is a guitar, saxophone, or interplay of the two that tells it.  Songs without words need to have a more compelling melody, and these two testify with heart and soul.
Whether they perform as a duo [Tuck & Patti style] or with their cream-of-the-crop NYC backing band this act is equally at home sharing a stage with Dave Matthews or David Sanborn.
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About the Duo:

Sean Harkness and Eric Knight met traveling together with a Broadway show all over the US and Japan for 8 months.  Most nights they would go out after the show to explore the town and find the jam.  Everywhere they went the crowds went crazy and they realized what they have is a rare combination.  They had to make this record!


Guitars & Basses: Sean HarknessAlto Sax: Eric Knight
Trumpet: Don Harris 9
Piano: Matt King 1, 7,9,10 /
Doug Oberhamer 3
Drums: Jonathan Mover 6,9,11
Drums: Ricky Lawson 1,7,10
Drums: Simon Phillips 4
Drums: Thierry Arpino 2, 3*
Drums: Joel Rosenblatt 5, 8
Percussion: Jeff Haynes 1, 2,4,6,7,9,10
[*Thierry Arpino 3]

Guitars & Basses: Walden signature steel string / Yairi classic / Custom Gibson ES125 jazz box /
Wilson Stlye ‘S’ electric / Fender Subsonic baritone / Custom Ibanez fretless bass / G&L 5 string bass

Sax: Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II / Claude Lakey mouthpiece / Vandoren Reeds

Humans: all genuine, non-simulated, and un-digitized.

Produced by Sean Harkness with Ron Allaire at Skyline Studios, NYC
Additional engineering: Steve Geuting
With special thanks to Jonathan Mover and DrumHead magazine
Mastered by Chris Muth at Taloowa
Photography: Bill Bernstein / Design: J Sylvester (

Jimmy’s Night Out is for Jimmy Norman
Celinda is for Celinda Jane Hardy Harkness, 1941-2003
Heaven Sent is for Layla Divina Behrends Heaven

Sean Harkness: Every person I have ever met has in some way contributed to the life experiences that serve as the inspiration for this music.  Special thanks for this project: Taka, John, and Jeff Harkness; The Suzuki family; The Kawamura family; Jonathan Mover; Ron Allaire; Heather Smith; Amos Halfi  ; The Drummers; Doug and Matt, John Edman; Randall B. Plourde; Liz Story; Brian Camelio; Dan Bryson; Judy Murray; Karen & Rob Kohler

Eric Knight: Special thanks to my mother and father for bringing the gift of music into my life. To my wife Jennifer for the support, motivation, and love. To Sean Harkness for allowing my voice to be heard through your beautiful music.


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