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Aloft – Windham Hill

Windham Hill Records released Mr. Harkness’s first solo CD after many singles on various compilations.  The very first single was Summer Solstice [track #2 here] and was the title track to the first Summer Solstice compilation.  Producer Brian Keane was Sean’s first guitar teacher in 1978 and they kept in touch over the years…  Keane’s signature production style created a very [overly?] lush presentation for Harkness’s compositions, which were always conceived as trios: two acoustic guitars and bass. Sean Harkness - Aloftrhapsody_bttnNapster_bttneMusic_bttnAmazon_bttn


  1. Siempre Conmigo (5:24)
  2. Summer Solstice (3:59)
  3. Aloft (5:21)
  4. Paradise Reef (5:01)
  5. Cuchullain’s Dream (4:03)
  6. Puesta Del Sol (4:51)
  7. Coming Home (5:13)
  8. Coconuts (4:34)
  9. Luna Baillando (3:48)
  10. Green Mountain Trail (3:46)
  11. Wynkus McGynkus (3:51)
  12. Harlem River Drive (4:35)

Sean Harkness: acoustic and electric guitars, fretless electric bass
Liz Story: piano (‘Aloft’)
Gil Goldstein: accordion (‘Puesta’)
Jay Rowe: synthesizers (‘Siempre’, ‘Paradise’)
Federico Gonzales Pena: Synthesizers (‘Summer Solstice’)
Brian Keane: additional synthesizers
Phil Bowler: bass (‘Puesta’)
Emedin Rivera: percussion (‘Siempre’, ‘Aloft’, ‘Coconuts’, ‘Luna’)Steve Scales: percussion (‘Summer Solstice’)
Mark Walker: drums (‘Paradise’,’Harlem River’)
Yomo Toro: requinto, cuatro (‘Puesta’)
Ken Gioffre: tenor saxophone (‘Coconuts’), Jaime Finnegan: trumpet (‘Coconuts’)

Produced by Brian Keane

Recorded and mixed by Brian Keane, Jeff Frez-Albrecht, and Sean Harkness at Little Big Feet Studios, Monroe, CT, assisted by Tom Skarupa, David Anderson, and Mark Chernhoff.

“Coming Home” mixed by Phil Magnotti.  Additional recording on “Aloft” at the Carriage House, Stamford, CT by Brian Keane, assisted by Jeff Frez-Albrecht and Andy Katz.

Digital editing by Keith ‘Only Because I Care’ Chrigwin at Little Big Feet Studio

Mastered by Marian Conaty and Brian Keane at BMG Studios, NYC

Liz Story appears courtesy of Windham Hill Records

Yomo Toro appears courtesy of Rounder Records

Artist management [at that time]: Fred Kewley Management, Nashville, TN

Legal affairs: Jon M. Waxman, Esq.

Music and Art Careers mentored by Randall B. Plourde at Evergreen of Vermont (802) 862-6674

Thanks to my immediate family: John, Lin, Jeff, and Florence Harkness

My extended family: Rich Acocella, Tuck Andress & Patti Cathcart, Jim Branca, Gamal Buhaina, Chris Butler, Brian Camelio, Keith Chirgwin, Francie Conway, Peter Desrosiers, Jeff Frez-Albrecht, Pete Gardiner, Steve Gentile, Uncle Hugh [Hardy], Eric Hoh, Chad Hollister, Brian Keane, Jerry Lavine, Miss Lizzie [Forest], Chris Mayone, Leslie McCurdy, Jon Mover, Allen Palmer, Chris Peterman, the Phillips Family, Randall Plourde, Bill Pond, Smadar, Chin & Scott Sonu, Liz Story, the Vaughans, Vytas Valliusaitis, Jerry Winner, Bill Whitefield, Chip Wilson, Monique Winstanley, Jimmy Yozell

A special thanks to Ron McCarrell, Larry Hamby, Lisa Matlosz, Andrea Franklin, Janet Miner, Sonny Mediana, Laura Chapman, and all the friendly and helpful staff at Windham Hill

with Will Ackerman

w/Will Ackerman at 30th Anniversary of Windham Hill

A&R: Larry Hamby

A&R Administrator: Andrea Franklin

Art direction: Sonny Mediana ~ Design: Jonny Lee ~ Front cover photography/Image: Tomas Gibson/Sanae Robinson ~ Photography: Carol Weinberg


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