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April – May 2011 Gigs

This post will attempt to catch up with the activities that have kept me busy since my last entry of the same nature.  The Bistro and MAC Awards will have their own entry, H2 Duo has its own, Walden gets an article, the New York Times article will post separately, and I must post a very special entry for Chip Wilson’s creation: the Nouvelle Oval archtop jazz guitar.  This here post is about day-to-day life.  In no way does that imply mundane, anything but.  So, let’s get right to it…

Since our return from that glorious excursion to St. Croix with Carole Demas, the first project was Randie Shane.  She had seen my solo show [which just won a MAC Award!…] and wanted to do something on that level of intimate, authentic, and unpretentious.  We performed as a duo, she was relaxed and generous, the song choices were both fun and meaningful, and it was a success.  We thoroughly enjoyed the process of arranging songs from John Mayer, Sondheim, Ben Folds… even the classic Ian Herman arrangement of “I’ll be Seeing You” from the Broadway musical “Swing!”.  And Ian was in the audience opening night…

Then Mark Miller’s septet hit at Mile’s Café, with Nicki and Anton Denner, William “Beaver” Bausch, Gary Wong, Cliff Lyons, Mark and me.  Taka came to immortalize us in pixels, and we all found our way to my new favorite izakaya afterwards for a round.  Mark’s music is soul-flippingly beautiful, by the way.  Keep an eye out, he’s coming up.  In fact, he’ll be arranging music for Canadian Brass and H2 this year.

The next night was a show at the Duplex with Colleen McHugh and the Red Carpet Trio [that’s my name for it…].  Tedd Firth, Steve Doyle, and me.  Colleen is one of the special ones.  Not little bus with a helmet special, I mean talented for real.  Chops for days, repertoire, and the ability to improvise and hold her own in uncharted waters makes for an exciting show.  Nothing dull here.  Check her out in the New York Times.

New Jersey Shakespeare Theatre has an annual fundraising Gala that I’ve now done three times, under the musical direction of Doug Oberhamer.  Doug sets the gold standard.  It’s always fun with him, and in a room full of stars, both in the audience and on stage.  Good gig.  Looking forward to next year already.

Terese Genecco’s monthly gig at Iridium was notable this month for the new special guest she’s got on board now – Nicolas King.  Sixteen years old and stealing the show wherever he goes.  A very exciting talent to be around.

Annie Kozuch and I started working on her Feinstein’s show [August 15] with pianist Frank Ponzio.  Oooh, I’m  gonna’ like working with these two.  Very musical, lovely people.  More as it comes on them.

The Player’s Club hosted our Trio with Jimmy Norman on Thursday the 31 of March.  Brute Force was the host, and Freddie Simpson, Steve Loecher, and I played Jimmy’s songs and standards to a very appreciative audience.

Duvid Swirsky, Craig, Jim Blazer

Craig Taubman had me working in April.  We were in the New York area for a couple dates, and then in Dallas.  I love Craig.  That gig fills my soul.  He gets a separate entry one of these days too.  I have so many pictures and notes from my travels with him that it might even be a book someday.  Or blackmail.  While we were in Dallas I also got to see my dear friends Andy Maliskas and Stacy Cassidy and had a great visit.

Andy M. & Stacy C.

Here’s one for ya:  at Jillian Lauraine’s Barbara Streisand tribute concert [“Hello Gorgeous” at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, Saturday, April 9] I not only played in the band, but I also sang a medley of duets with her.  I summoned my best Neil Diamond for “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”, and then channeled Barry Gibb for “Guilty”.  It worked!  She was fabulous.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  We have more coming – a reprise of that show in October, and we started developing a new show that will have us sharing the spotlight even more.

Todd Murray came to town and did his beautiful song “And I’m Leaving Today” at a MAC showcase with Alex and Steve and I.  Daryl Glen had me in the studio for a few tracks.  Melissa Heche [see Ears] did her show at Triad, this time with Skip Ward on bass along with the rest of the great band from last time.

Tycoon Dog got me back on the horse, kicking off their season with a long run of outdoor shows stretching into October.  Come see this one, it’s fun.  Rockin’.

Doug Acosta had a fun event at Astra with Matt Ray, Ritt Henn, Beaver Bausch, and me.  Lina Koutrakos and Dan Gross created this wonderful new musical theatre piece called Souhtern Rain.  We workshopped it a bit last year, now we’re doing recordings, then they get funding, then it goes to Broadway and we all live happily ever after.  Right?

Diane Hess and I finally got together and recorded a guitar/voice duet at Michael Ferraiuolo’s studio.  After playing it down a few times I was stunned to learn that she had composed it – sounded like an old standard.  Beautiful piece.

Elizabeth Tryon now has Doug Oberhamer musically directing and accompanying her and we had a lovely evening at Frank & Mary Skillern’s private theatre in the Upper East Side.

Marcus Simeone brought me back in the studio with the Miranda Music family; Sarah Rice had me onstage at Birdland for Zani’s Furry Friends benefit; I helped Larry Kerchner present three wonderful songs at the New York Sheet Music Society’s annual Songwriter Series; and one evening I got to visit and jam a little with Brian Kramer.  Brian and I met in Stockholm, Sweden, where he lives.  The Brooklyn-born guitarist has quite a scene going on over there and it was a treat to catch him on a return visit to New York.

Me, Brian, and Speedo

Now to head upstate to work with Jeff Haynes on a project for Pete Seeger…  Thanks for reading along.  Let me know your thoughts, reactions, feelings, innermost desires, and philosophical musings.



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