Posted by: seanoldblog | 2011/03/30

Bistro and MAC Awards, ODEG Release

This year I have been honored by both a Bistro Award and two MAC Award nominations.  This confirms for me that I have found the right people to work with, as it does when I look at the list of other winners and nominees in the various categories.

The Bistro Award is for Outstanding Instrumentalist of 2011.  The MAC Award nominations are for New York Debut – Male, and for Musical Director.

2009 and 2010 each had me performing at both awards ceremonies as accompanist for Karen Kohler, Anne Steele, Terese Genecco, and Billy Stritch.  This year I will perform solo at the Bistros, maybe with some of the other Bistro luminaries, and certainly at the MAC awards with Todd Murray and hopefully with Deb Berman, Colleen McHugh, Liz Lark Brown, and/or whoever else wants guitar accompaniment.

In other laudable news, “H2 Flights: Volume 1”, a duo recording with acclaimed Canadian trumpeter Mike Herriott will be released this June 14 on Opening Day Entertainment Group, the parent label for Canadian Brass.  This is very exciting for us, and there are already many discussions about more creative projects going forward.

Here is a link to the full list of MAC nominees:

And the Bistro Awards’ official flier:

Thanks for reading along.  As always, your responses are most welcome.




  1. You rocked last night Sean! Not many surpassed you on the applause meter.

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