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St. Croix with Carole Demas & Co.

heading pic

This trip was so rich that to write a lot would only cheapen the experience.  Here are a bunch of pictures with short descriptions.  While it was lovely to be in the tropics, the best part was the human experience with Carole, Ian, Stuart, Taka, and friends old and new on the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Taka and I started our vacation a night early and went to Flushing, Queens for our favorite Korean barbecue.

Someone got us seats in business class for the ride down…  A first for me!

That’s right, Taka is playing the Koto on my iPad…

So nice to be able to play on the back porch…

I don’t like rum as a general rule, but this… this is special:

Most people come down for the beach, watersports, sunshine, whatever.  For me, it’s all about Miss Anna’s hot sauce.

We ate well… especially at home.

The view from our villas:

Carole’s love in a small vase, Taka’s eye with a lens:

Going in for our first rehearsal at the theater that our show was to benefit:

Ian and I scrutinizing his arrangement of  “I’ll be Seeing You” from the Broadway musical “Swing!”.  I had to do a guitar adaptation upon return for a duo show with Randie Shane

The very eastern edge of the island, looking north to Buck Island:

Point Udall, the very eastern-most point in the United States:

This guy was sitting under my beach chair while I napped.  When I stirred awake he ambled off…

Relaxing with the ‘family’ the day after our big show.  And after a fabulous brunch at Carambola

Llewellyn Westerman is a Calypso King, great singer/songwriter, and a sailor.  He and his brother Inglore took us out on the trimaran for the day to snorkel and hang out at Buck Island Nature Preserve.

(there’s a video of this too)

Six years later Taka and I finally got proper wedding rings.  Hand made, unique, distinctive…  only at Sonya’s.

Yes, that’s a peacock crossing the road.  There were chickens too, just a bit too ‘free range’ for my taste…

Carole and I sat in with friends Bart Feller and Steven Katz at the Buccaneer Resort.

So many little friends…

Sadly, we eventually had to make our way to the airport…

But there were nice things about coming home…

And if I ever have trouble sleeping again, I just have to remember…




  1. Taka, made such amazing pictures of your travel.

    • Hey – some of those are mine too! 😉 But thanks – I’ll let her know.

  2. […] our return from that glorious excursion to St. Croix with Carole Demas, the first project was Randie Shane.  She had seen my solo show [which just won […]

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