Posted by: seanoldblog | 2011/02/07

My Super Bowl Sunday…

Sunday, February 6

Sitting here at Singer’s Forum on 24th st waiting for Elizabeth and Michael to come in.

We were supposed to have a rehearsal and a show last week, both of which were canceled due to a virus.  That sort of thing really matters to a vocalist.  So we start today, get her show up and running.  I hope it doesn’t matter that it’s Super Bowl Sunday… Something tells me her audience is a different one.

…rehearsal went well, should be a good show tonight.  Now it’s an hour and a half of tea and salad at the diner

So, what’s on the hot list right now?

After Elizabeth’s two shows the month looks pretty densely packed.  An early rehearsal with Grace Cosgrove for her upcoming recording.  Don Rebic is at the helm music directing and playing piano.  Jason DiMatteo and Tom Hubbard will share bass duties, and I’m in charge of guitars.  It’s a tribute to Laura Nyro, and the arrangements are gorgeous.  Grace has such a warm spirit, I know this project will be fun to make and rewarding to hear.

We’re doing this project with Ron Allaire in his studio on 37th Street where Manhattan Beach used to be.  Pat Dillett has a big room and Ron has a smaller suite.  Ron and I have done so many projects together now that we’ve got a good rhythm going.  In fact, we’re almost to the finish line with a project that’s been in the works for almost a year: singer/songwriter Monique Varsames.  From preproduction to tracking to overdubs to edits and now finally mixing, I have been producing this project with the feeling that we’re sitting on a golden egg.  More on that as it comes.

There are then two more rehearsals with Todd Murray and Alex Rybeck for our shows this weekend in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  ‘Croon‘ is such a fine show and it feels great to be back in it.  We’ll be presenting it again in New York this coming July at Feinstein’s with Steve Doyle back in on bass.  (Kelly Friesen is filling in this week.)

Rehearsals also begin for Southern Rain which is the brainchild of Lina Koutrakos and Dan Gross.  We did a staged reading of it last summer and now they want to make a recording.  It’s a monumental task to get so many professional musicians coordinated for rehearsal and recording and my hat goes off to Dan for making it happen.  It’ll be as live as possible…

That’s all this coming week.  Last week was a little more relaxed – Deb Berman and I refreshed our memories to get our duo show up again on March 1st, Taka and I had a lovely dinner meeting with Carole Demas to discuss our upcoming shows in St. Croix, played an afternoon show with Jimmy Norman and The Trio at Whole Foods, sat in with a great band at Sugar Bar afterward, spent an unexpected free evening at the Korean spa with Taka, cooked a couple good meals… A relaxing week.

One highlight, though, was a lunch meeting on Friday with Joe Szurly, the COO of Opening Day Entertainment Group.  That’s the exclusive label of Canadian BrassMike Herriott plays with them sometimes and they have offered to bring us on board as part of their musical family.  We’d start by putting ‘Flights‘ in their catalog and benefiting from distribution by E1.  Then there would be more recording projects, guest appearances by Canadian Brass, marketing plans…  All sounds good to me!

Next week I’ll travel to Chicago with Craig Taubman, and the following weekend we’ll drive into PA for more East Coast shows.  I’ll report from the road.  Until then, thanks for reading.  Leave a note, share a link, let me know what it all looks like to you…



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