Posted by: seanoldblog | 2011/01/30

House Concert 1/30

Sunday afternoon, somewhere in New Jersey…

The Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center just started a concert series called Music At The Mansion.  When they asked me to be one of the artists I jumped at the chance. Conceptually it seemed right in line with my House Concert Series.  The setting is sure right on the money, the only difference being that it’s not a private home.  No matter, I love the environment of performing acoustically in a room in a house.

The acoustics in this room are perfect.  Nice balanced reflections in a musical part of the range.   Not too boomy or bright, just right.  And the colonial renaissance architecture, with appropriate decor, should create a warm environment for people to sit back and enjoy the music.  Classy, yet homey.

There are two acts up before me, Rosemary Loar with John DiPinto, and Jennie Litt with David Alpher.  What I do is so completely different from either of them; I hope the audience doesn’t mind…

…They didn’t mind!  What fun.  The room was full of enthusiastic people, and the show was a success.  Each of us did about a half hour, and was just right.  Rosemary sounds like a jazz horn with words, Alpher/Litt penned and performed some really good songs, and Ms. Corinna Sowers-Adler was not only a perfect host, but sings like the angels as well.

I think someone even got a video or two on a Droid from the front row.   I’ll let you know.  [If I like it, that is…]  Sorry no pix of myself, I was taking them…

More as it comes,



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