Posted by: seanoldblog | 2011/01/29

January 28, 2011

The Utopia Diner on Broadway at 72nd is a great place to come in out of the cold.  It’s Friday evening, and the streets are crowded with people.  They are also very difficult to navigate with the huge piles of snow everywhere.  Each corner has a huge puddle to either jump, walk around the long way, or brave it and trudge through the slush.  I just walked all the way from 43rd street and despite my best efforts my feet are soaked.   And in the last block there was a high end shoe store with all the fancy snow boots in the window…

I sit here with a heartwarming cup of tea, waiting for a burger, and getting myself prepared for a 6:00 sound check at Triad.  Tonight I get to play electric again, stomp box and all.  Looking forward to that.  I like playing at Triad, too, as they take good care with the sound. Nice vibe overall.

One of the reasons I walked all the way, aside from battling my swarthy Mediterranean DNA that seems determined to expand my midsection, was that I felt so pumped from two very good rehearsals.  The first one was with trombonist Mark Miller for his upcoming show at Miles Cafe on March 23rd.  He’s composing beautiful music these days for his septet which features Nicki Denner (p), Anton Denner(alto), Cliff Lyons(tenor), William ‘Beaver’ Bausch(dr), Gary Wang(bs), himself, and me on guitar.   He favors odd time signatures, but the songs are very accessible.  He’s not shooting over the audience’s head, and he’s not trying to impress anyone.  He’s simply composing the music in his heart and sharing it with the band and the audience.  Truly beautiful stuff, and I’m honored to be involved in his project.

Then I went to work with Grace Cosgrove on her new recording project.  We mostly worked on the duet that we’ll be doing together, but discussed all aspects of the production.  Turns out she’s also an award winning video editor.  I’m very excited about developing a ‘biomentary’ with her.  She’s such a great spirit, and after both of these charged events I had plenty of energy to schlep my way up to Triad on 72nd.

…and the show went great.  Melissa nailed it, the band was on, the place was full, and the vibe was great.  The only thing missing was an encore…  They hollered quite a bit, but we had played it all…

Since I missed the bus home I killed a half hour waiting for the next one with 18 holes of Golden Tee at McAnne’s.  A good day overall.



  1. Keep it coming, Sean – great to read up on your do’ins.

    • Thanks Andy – I just got this iPad going and it seems to help me to stay on top of this. I write on the bus, in the diner between gigs, etc. Thanks for reading!

  2. Sean.
    Always great to hear what you are thinking and saying. I am sure my wife and I will be catching you play at one of your gigs very soon.

    • I hope to see you, my show or yours! Thanks. SH

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