Posted by: seanoldblog | 2011/01/28

January 27, 2011


Since I got this iPad for Christmas I’ll put it to good use and compose blog entries while traveling. It seems to be the only time I have left for that…

Here I am on the C train from World Trade Center bound for somewhere in Brooklyn for a rehearsal with Elizabeth Tryon. She’s this bubbly young spirit with an extremely well trained voice. She’s doing a sort of ‘crossover’ thing a la Sarah Brightman. Beautiful stuff. Her music director/pianist is Michael Fererri and he has the most beautiful apartment in the Clinton Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn with a big, beautiful old Yamaha piano in the main room. And serious tea.

I have to carry an acoustic for that (the Walden, natch), and the Strat for the following rehearsal with Melissa Heche at Funkadelic in Chelsea. Another ‘day at the office’. I love it, though. These two acts not only use two different guitars, but two entirely different skill sets: Classical-pop crossover and rock. Contrast this with Tuesday night’s show at Iridium with Terese Geneco, which for me is mostly about Freddie Green style rhythm guitar and an occasional Santana moment.

Which was different yet again from the show Monday night at Metropolitan Room for Miranda Music that had me playing R&B power ballads with Marcus Simeone (what a voice!), folk/rock duets with Tracy Stark, country and blues with Kathleen France, and my own solo guitar pieces.

Meanwhile at the home office these days I’m soul searching new music for the H2 project, which is in talks with Canadian Brass and their parent company Opening Day Entertainment. This is obviously closer to home as it features my compositions and arrangements, as well as a very genuine and spontaneous interaction with fab trumpeter Mike Herriott. Also, I’m absolutely thrilled about the notion of working with Canadian Brass. Now there’s a distinct voice!

In the meantime, I’ve fallen into Coopers Tavern for a quick bite. My carpaccio just came up… ciao for now.

…Now I’m on the bus headed home. Today was a real time challenge, and not in the usual sense. I’m talking about tempos. More often than not the musicians I work with sync up quite naturally. Today was not one of those days. In each rehearsal there were a LOT of songs to run. Making sure the book lines up with what the singer will do is key, but making sure the musicians line up with each other was the task of the day. We got it, though, in both rehearsals. In the end we did it. The show must go on…

Last night my wife and I watched the movie All That Jazz, the one about Bob Fosse. Now there’s someone with a high standard… Wish I could have known him.



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