Posted by: seanoldblog | 2010/12/08

This Past Month…

So that didn’t work out very well, did it…?  With all the best intentions I thought a weekly recount of events would be a great idea.  Unfortunately I got too busy even for that.  In fact, I’m stealing time from something else right now to do this.  I’m supposed to be finishing a viola part for a record I’m producing before hitting the road tomorrow for concerts in three cities.

Since last entry I’ve been to Toronto, Portugal, and South Orange, NJ.  That qualifies as a foreign country, right?  I’ve worked with Craig Taubman, Monique Varsammes, Joanne Tatham, Marcus Simeone, Danielle Grabianowski, Noah Aronson, Jack Phillips, Suzanne Carrico, Wendy Starland, Terese Genecco, Doug Acosta, Deb Berman, Mark Miller, and a set of jazz with some guys in Oporto, Portugal who’s names I could barely pronounce, let alone remember.

This week coming I have two concerts for the Windham Hill Winter Solstice series.  This year it’s actually called ‘Night Sky Essays’ in deference to Liz Story’s latest offering.  I can’t wait to see my friend Liz.  Barbara Higbie and Samite are on the bill as well, and the music is sure to be gorgeous.  We play La Plata, MD and Glen Ellyn, IL thursday and Saturday, respectively.

Then I fly to San Francisco with Terese Genecco and my baritone acoustic to do our duet show.  It’s all the music of Elvis, only our own arrangements.  The Razz Room is supposed to be great – I’ve met the owners a bunch of times at Iridium Jazz Club and they’re always so full of enthusiasm.  Definitely the type of environment that makes doing what we do more enjoyable.

I will take lots of pictures and post them here.  In fact, I’ll sift through the pile from this past month to see what might be fun for this post.  I’ll probably add them after I post this the first time, so do check back.  In the meantime there are literally hundreds of pictures up on my Facebook page, so take a look there too.

Thanks for tuning in.  As always, leave me a note, ask questions, call, write, text… I love hearing from friends.

“…Strive to be happy“.



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