Posted by: seanoldblog | 2010/09/08

5. A Typical Tuesday…

After about five hours of sleep, I awoke abruptly to the sound of the little three-wheeled Parking Enforcement buggy that honks its terrible horn at cars parked where the street cleaner machine wants to do its mostly useless job every other morning.  Completely sure I had left my car in that spot, I jumped out of bed at 8:23 am, threw on a pair of shorts, jammed on the flip-flops, cursed about not being able to find my keys, and sprinted shirtless down five stories of stairs two at a time.  When I got to the bottom of the stairs I noticed that my car was right in front of the door to my apartment building, RockStar parking at its finest.  Not at all where the ex-convict driving the Parking Enforcement buggy would extract my $42.  It was all for nothing.  I can go back to bed.  Except for the fact that now I have more adrenaline pumping through my veins than any overpriced Starbucks [insert bad Italian phrase here] coffee would offer.

After I make breakfast for my now thoroughly entertained wife and myself, I get to work on the computer answering emails, running through songs for the day’s events, writing checks, etc.  Then it’s time for my 11:00 phone consultation.  Then at 12:30 it’s time to return the five calls that came in during the consult.  Then I have to catch a 12:59 bus to Manhattan so that I make the 2:00 rehearsal on time.  Our recording session on Thursday depends on it.  Besides, I hired three of the eight musicians on the gig, so it is certainly in my best interest to appear on time.

Then I have a moment to grab a quick bite before getting to a 7:00 rehearsal for the CD release party on Friday with another artist and full band of nine.  After a few hours with them, I pull out quickly so that I make a soundcheck at a nasty [trendy] little club in the Lower East Side to play with a songwriter that I think is absolutely amazing.  We do an energetic 45-minute show.

My friend from LA drops by and we visit at the bar for half an hour or so and talk about his work on films, how I might be able to contribute, what’s happening with the artist that introduced us to begin with, and other things we’re mutually interested in like science, the environment, and why we sometimes do things for no money on the hopes of advancement.  Then I realize that after 12 hours of steady-at-it I am exhausted and want to catch the bus home to my wife who is waiting patiently at home on her rare day off for me to come back and spend some time together.

As we debrief the day’s events, she suggests I should write this in my blog as this is the sort of thing people would find interesting.  What do you think?



  1. I wll have to give a 4 out of 10 on the interest level.( not great )
    I hope it is was a worthwhile day.
    Maybe I should blog yesterday.
    My wife and I are visiting friends in L.A. We had breakfast with two terrific people we knew through FB,( one who played with Steely Dan ) went to the Museum of Tolernace, Venice Beach and saw the new Clooney movie The American. ) two thumbs down).
    I would think Sean Harkness could do better then we did.

    • Interesting response. And a rating to boot.

      Basically the point here on my blog is that each day for me is wildly different than all the others. For instance, right now I’m on my way to Brooklyn for a video shoot with a big band, then to my solo show at the Metropolitan Room. Then tomorrow another rehearsal with yet another artist, then a CD release party for yet another new artist… Then Saturday a solo concert at McLaughlin Vineyards in CT, then two shows Sunday with still more artists, two Monday… Get the idea?

      Many people have been asking about what life is actually like over here and I am responding to that. Hopefully as the posts develop they will capture more of your interests.

      Perhaps you can suggest topics that would be more interesting to you?

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