Posted by: seanoldblog | 2010/09/04

4. Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose is likely one of the hottest irons I’ve got in the fire at this point.  His production and songs are distinctive, current, and incredibly hooky.  Jonny has relationships with top brass at a few of the Big Cheese record labels, plus movers and shakers all around the music scene.  [I find name-dropping repulsive, so please forgive the omission].  He’s also young and good looking with a great attitude and work ethic.  Every time we meet he has a new batch of songs in production.  He reminds me of a modern day Todd Rundgren.

This guy’s for real.  Here’s his website:

Song #2 on the player, Astronaut,  is probably my favorite.  He has so many, not all up here for some reason…

Here is a video from a past show at the same place, with yours truly on guitar:

All these things he’s got going for him, but Jonny Rose is still subject to the same laws of physics as the rest of us.

We arrived at the Gallery Bar on lower Ludlow street around 8:00 for a soundcheck and were greeted by a bartender with what could only be described as a chip on his shoulder.  Without even stepping down from his feet-on-the-bar position, flanked by two inebriated regulars with ripped jeans and tattoos, he wrinkled up his face said, “I thought that show was canceled.  We got a party in here at 9:30, so you guys can’t play”.  That was the beginning.  While the owner of the place is very supportive of Jonny Rose and gives him the first Thursday of every month to showcase his songs, this particular bartender, and later the house DJ we discovered, had less that the same level of graciousness.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances, we were only able to give a 20-minute show.  The folks that came out to see it, however, were as enthusiastic as ever.  He’s got very good stage presence, the songs are kickin’, and we’ve got a hot young talent on the drums: Adrien Lowenstein

There are two more shows coming up this month at much better locations:

Tuesday, 9/7 at Lit Lounge


Monday 9/13 at National Underground

There is a funny story of how we met.  If you are interested to hear it, let me know by signing in and leaving a comment or two.




  1. I like the blog, Sean. Very nice for us folks who are interested in what you are up to!

    • Thanks Al. Let me know if there are any other things you’d like to hear about. Talk soon,

  2. Sean having been in the audience for the last Jonny Rose show I can say you hit the nail on the head about the unfortunate situation at Gallery. I can also say I look forward to your shows at different venues and hopefully Jonny starts to gain some steam as the music is enticing and deserves to be out there. On top of it all you are an amazing guitarist and a pleasure to watch and hear! See you soon.

    • Thanks Alec – great to see you again last night. Funky place – I actually kinda’ like it. Now to get 100+ more people in there…

      BTW – I have a few solo shows this week at the Metropolitan Room [34 W22 st.]:
      Wed 9/8 7:30
      Sun 9/12 4:00
      Wed 9/15 7:30

      Would love to see you guys,

  3. We were just talking about seeing you fly solo. Will try for a near future date.

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