Posted by: seanoldblog | 2010/08/31

3. Birdland Jazz Club with Kate Dawson

Birdland is one of New York’s prominent jazz venues with a long and winding history.  On Monday nights they have a concert series that features Broadway luminaries.  Tonight’s show was Kate Dawson, “The A**hole In My Head”.

– see her ‘webASSodes’ on youtube – they’re hilarious –

In this show, I play my Walden acoustic guitar alongside Doug Oberhamer, David Anthony, and Gregory Chudzik on piano, percussion, and bass respectively.  Doug is our musical director, and frankly, the best I’ve worked with yet.  That is from a very long list of extremely competent people.  And others (to quote Jim Caruso).

The show ran at Triad last June and did so well it was reprised.  Here it is yet one more time, now at the world famous Birdland.  I would describe the show as a poignant comedy.  She fearlessly explores the inner workings of her personality with an offstage character, who is actually the asshole in her head [played by Lauren Cohn].  Kate has a stunning voice and a most compelling presence on stage.  Backing her up is pure joy.

Having done this show a few times now the preparation is not too demanding – review the charts, pack the guitar and cables, and get the bus on time.  There is a two-hour soundcheck/rehearsal with which to run a couple new songs and polish up what we started with.

It seems nice, getting home at 10pm after an early show.  However, I just had to make contact with nine separate people about all different things.  Now it’s 11 and I have to pick up my wife from work, then come back and talk for an hour or so with my new marketing guy down in Florida…

As I’ve said before, mine is not a job I can leave at the office.  I wake up and check in at the computer.  That sets the ball in motion.  I then head out to the day’s various events, then return home and continue where I left off in my home office.  This is how we keep the little squares in the calendar full.  This is how we eat.  Want to be a professional musician?  Stay tuned…


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