Posted by: seanoldblog | 2010/08/29

1. Soup Dumplings I

This is my latest addiction.  I make no apologies as it is a relatively healthy and quite inexpensive habit, but a habit none the less.  In this section I will share the places where I go for them and rate the experience in comparison with my favorites.

Xiao long bao come to us from Shanghai.  Great thanks must be given to the crazy chef who decided this was a good idea.  One day I will make the pilgrimage to the homeland and try them at the source.  For now, New York has 10-15 choices that I know about, and likely more to discover.

- basket of love -

My wife and I love to dine.  In this food section you’ll find many of our raves (and rants), but these little gems get a category of their own.

NOTE: there is a procedure to eating them.  It is not based on protocol, rather safety.  The heavenly liquid inside is scalding hot at first and can really mess up the rest of your meal if you’re not careful.

First you put the little guy into your spoon and pop a little hole in the side with your chopsticks to let the soup run out:

in the spoon

let the soup out

Then you dip the dumpling into the vinegar sauce, including a sliver of ginger should you prefer.

vinegar sauce w/ginger

Then you sip the hot soup as you carefully bite off of the dumpling.  Ambrosia.


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