Posted by: seanoldblog | 2010/08/29

2. Nha Trang Place: Pho!

This is one of our weekly staples.  Very close to the Grove St. PATH Station, this is completely authentic Vietnamese fare (I am usually the only Caucasian in the room).  Nha Trang – not to be confused with the one in NYC’s Chinatown, which is not nearly as good – has many things on the menu.  I haven’t opened it in a long time, though, so you can learn more here.

My order is always simple – number three please…

bowl o' pho

And then add this:

rooster sauce Like this:

rooster sauce in soup

And if it’s too much, have some of this delicious salty plum drink:

salty plum drink

And the coffee – oh, the coffee.  I’m not a java junkie by any means, in fact I have to be cautious with caffeine for some reason.  I’ll make my wife order one so I can sip off it.  Much.  Order it at the beginning of your meal, though, as it takes a long time to drip through the little filter that sits on top of the cup.  By the time you’re done eating it’s ready.  Oh, and be sure to stir up from the bottom…

Bon appetit!

front view of Nha Trang place, 249 Newark Ave, Jersey City


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