Posted by: seanoldblog | 2010/08/29

1. Country vacation, with guitar

At long awaited last: escape from The City.  After many months of much appreciated work it rejuvenated my spirit to turn the car towards sacred family ground Up North.

- road pic -

Of course the car contained a classic guitar, a baritone acoustic, and my new ukulele, plus anything I might need to capture fresh musical ideas.  Mine is not the kind of job that gets left at the office.  Often ‘downtime’ proves more productive than the regular scheduled programming.

Here’s the house:

- pic of house -

It is an ongoing design by renowned architect Hugh Hardy, my mother’s brother.  Each visit inspires the notion of recording a solo acoustic guitar album here with some remote equipment and a couple brave souls.  All I need is time and funding…

Here is a link to a gallery of some 30 pictures of the grand adventure:

I hope to be adding many more pictures to the Travel section in the near future.  Coming up are trips to Portugal, Toronto, Florida, Chicago, Dallas, and of course just walking down the street here in New York is a travel section of its own.  Thanks for tuning in.




  1. Nice, Sean.

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