Posted by: seanoldblog | 2008/05/16

A day in the life…

This morning I took the little Spanish jitney bus into Manhattan to do a session for Nile Rogers (le Freak!).  10 songs later on Strat and jazzbox, I found my way home to a yummy dinner – steaks with traditional Japanese daikon sauce.  Now I’m sitting here at Smokestack studios with Jonny recording a new tune for Jive records…



  1. Hey Sean! Wonderful to see you with your guitar, like I am with my notebook! Newtown sure can claim some talent from its schools! I gave up being a Paramedic in Oakland, California, to be a lyricist, so I appreciate when I see others have the same passion for their craft, as I have for mine. What is wonderful about music, is how it transcends the boundaries which language cannot. My favorite band is the Gipsy Kings, and I have no clue what they are saying! The guitar brings much more universal pleasure than a poem itself, yet that is my talent. There is music in most of what I write, only I can’t write the music! Anyway, I have a section on my website “Lyrics for Song Makers” You might like it. I will check your schedule next time i’m in NY! Joseph

  2. Hey Joseph,
    Took me a long time to get back here… sorry.
    Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear you’re living the creative life as well. Where in the world are you at this point?

    I will be putting things up here regularly from now on. Sat next to Seth Godin on the plane last week – very inspiring…


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